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Red Fern Plantation

Dove Club

We offer the Dove Club for those who desire an exceptional experience and enjoyable atmosphere beyond the typical dove shoot. We work year round preparing the fields and providing the habitat needed for doves to be in abundance. Our main goal is for everyone to leave with good memories of the hunt and friendships that last into the future. We want you to leave us with a smile on your face looking forward to the next hunt.  

Dove Hunting has been an annual tradition at Red Fern Plantation Hunting Preserve for more than two decades. It has always been a pleasure to hear Grandfathers, Fathers, Wives, Sons and Daughters talk about the excitement created by doves rushing in from the left and right and not being able to keep their guns loaded as the doves poured into the fields.  

Our staff works diligently to maintain over 140 acres of fields planted year round in s
unflower, millet, proso, corn, sesame, egyptian and winter wheat 
to attract birds by the loads. Planting, chopping, cutting, fertilizing and maintaining these fields takes much planning and work to ensure that your family can have the same memorable experience as our present and past Hunters.

Doves are migratory wild birds that can go and come at will.  You can rest assured that our staff does everything in our power to ensure that the birds are plentiful.  If we don't have doves then probably no one does.   Hunters have stated that these fields and number of birds are the best seen this side of Argentina.

Membership Benefits

*Limited Memberships available for respectful, safe, law abiding, ethical Hunters
*Southern Style Lunch on opening day. 
*Safe, enjoyable uncrowded atmosphere.

*Hunting during all three seasons, Saturday afternoon shoots mostly as well as shoots on holiday breaks.
*Water is available as well as multiple ponds for dogs to cool down and swim in.

*The fields are planted in Sunflower, millet, dove proso, milo, sesame and wheat in stages to provide a year round food supply. These are managed specifically for game birds and not just a seasonal, hit and miss byproduct of agriculture.
*Numbered stands with map
*Drawing for stands is done prior to each and every hunt and there are no reserved stands.  Every Member is treated equally.
*Periodic Club news updates
*Facebook page post for updates, videos and photos of the hunts.
*Fields are monitored for safety by our staff throughout each hunt.
*Family photos are taken for members during each hunt so that they can download and save for memories.
*Videos posted to You Tube for Members to watch and share with family.
*All fields are checked by Game Wardens to assure members that the fields are legal. 
*Transportation by tractor and wagon to fields.
*ATV’s are welcome contingent upon their proper use as provided for in the rules.
*Dove Club Members will be provided an advanced opportunity to prebook all Quail, Pheasant and Duck hunts with a 15 percent discount.
*Limited Memberships are accepted so that the fields are uncrowded. This allows us to place hunters relatively far apart.  Safety is our number one concern!
*A portion of the total stands are left vacant so that Members are able to relocate to another stand if necessary based on bird flight patterns in the fields.
*Opening day guests are restricted to only a members spouse, child or grandchild (16 and under) who may hunt free while sharing the Members stand and limit.  
*After Opening Day guest are welcome to come and hunt for a fee.
*Children are encouraged to come and enjoy the hunts as addressed in the rules. 
*Bird cleaning and packaging is available.
*For some extra fun and competition at the conclusion of each of the three seasons we will award a Wingmaster Plaque to the hunter based on the highest percentage shell/dove ratio and first to limit out.  


*2017/2018 Season Membership fee - $935.00
*Current Dove Club Members in good standing may subtract $65 from the Season Membership fee if renewed no later than April 1st 2017.
*No Charge on Opening day for a members spouse, or child/grandchild (16 and under), that shares the same stand and limit with the member.
*Each membership covers one opening day meal,  each additional meal is $15.  Members are responsible for notifying RFP by email one week prior to opening day of the total number that will be attending in their party for meal catering purposes.
*Adult Guest fee, separate stand-separate limit (Only available after opening day) $150
*Spouse or youth 16 and Under Guest fee (All hunts, Same stand-Shared limit) Free
*Youth Guest Stand Upgrade (13–16) Separate stand-separate limit (Only available after opening day) $75
2017/2018 Georgia Dove Hunting Season Dates:
September 2nd - September 17th - Season 1
October 14th - November 2nd - Season 2
November 23rd - January 15th - Season 3

RFP Tentative Dove Hunt Dates:
September 2nd Opening Day
September 16th
October 16th
October 21st
November 25th
December 9th
December 23rd
January 13th

Stand draws start at 1:00 PM sharp.

All Dove Shoots will be held Saturday Afternoon.

In addition to the tentative Dove Shoot dates we will try to hold a Dove Shoot every Saturday afternoon throughout the first and second season.  These additional shoots will be subject to the number of Doves on the field and field readiness.  
We will send Emails to all Members if the additional shoot will be held.

Third Season Dove Shoot Dates will be based upon the migration of the birds which is impacted by cold fronts.  These hunts will be called when the birds arrive and may occur on any day of the week.  All Club Members will recieve an email notifying.  We will attempt to give as much advance notice as possible but due to the nature of the migration it may only be a short notice.  

Adult Guest Fee Available only after Opening Day $150 Per Guest

Payment Terms:
Cash, Check or Credit Card.  A 3.5% Convenience Fee has been added if paying by credit card.
Please add 7% for Georgia State Sales Tax if paying by Check or Cash

Make Checks Payable to: 
Red Fern Plantation
PO Box 2069
Statesboro, Ga. 30459

Red Fern Plantation Hunting Preserve Lodging

After a long day of hunting, reminisce the days events and relax with your hunting buddies and plan tomorrows activities at our lodging that is available for reservations.


Customers 16 and older must have either a valid Georgia hunting license or a valid Georgia Shooting Preserve Licencse which costs $12 and is valid for two years for both resident and non-resident hunters.  Customers may purchase a Preserve License online at  or by telephone at 1-800-366-2661.  The Preserve License is valid for hunting Quail, Pheasant and Mallard Ducks at Red Fern Plantation Hunting Preserve.

To hunt Dove or Wood Duck you will need additional licenses and stamps all of which can be purchased online.  Please visit the most up to date information on the licenses/stamps that are required. 
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