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Pheasant Hunting at Red Fern Plantation Hunting Preserve Statesboro, Ga

Pheasant Hunting in the deep south, now offered here at Red Fern Plantation Hunting Preserve. Whether looking for a European Style Pheasant Hunt or a Flush Hunt with Dogs we are able to provide you with a day of high volume exciting fun shooting.

Dates For 
Our European Style Pheasant Hunts for 
2018/2019 Season To Be Announced

These hunts typically sell out quickly so don't miss out. Please check our site or contact us via Email or call today to book your spot.

European Pheasant Hunt

The European Style Pheasant Shoot offers high volume shooting for an exciting outdoor adventure and action packed fun.

This shoot is perfect for a corporate outing, a group of Hunting buddies, or just plain ole fun.

Here's How we do it:
During the hunt, hunters start by occupying one of 12 stands which accommodates 2 hunters per stand positioned around the pheasant tower.  

Shooters will rotate clockwise around the field to another stand after reasonably having the opportunity to shoot 15-20 birds.  This continues periodically throughout the hunt until the hunters have rotated through all 12 stands.

You are welcomed to bring your own trained dog(s) to assist in retrieving your downed birds.

  Flush Pheasant Hunt

The Flush Hunt offers a 1/2 or full day of pheasant hunting fun.  This shoot is good for novice hunters, corporate outings or a couple of friends.  

Our guides will lead you on a fun filled journey throughout our managed fields.  Cackling Pheasants along with the beautiful work of the dogs will provide a memorable outing.

Once the dog points, the guide will flush and you take it from there.  Proper muzzle control is mandatory until the bird is flushed and in air.

You are welcomed to bring your own trained dog(s) but please give us advanced notification so that we may make preparations to accommodate them.

Corporate and Private European Style Pheasant Hunts are available upon request.  A great way of entertaining and building relationships with employees and customers.  Contact us if we can assist you.

"Our goal is to make your Hunt a memorable experience that will leave you telling stories for years to come."

Call to book your Pheasant Hunting experience with us today and make memories that last a lifetime.

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Call us at 912-531-2482

Red Fern Plantation Hunting Preserve Lodging

After a long day of Hunting,  reminisce the days events with your Hunting buddies and plan tomorrows activities at our lodging that is available for reservations.  


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